Making Learning Easy

Let's Get Learning

This is an E-learning application project I worked on as a freelancer. I was part of the team from the start, helping with the research and planning on how best to organise topics and lessons, wire framing and prototyping on paper and on screen, developing these on to Sketch and Photoshop, and testing the design on iPhone.

Take your adventure to the next level, be a tour guide.

Adventure: Xplore

This is a freelance project for a start-up company proposing a new application. They want to make an app for travellers where they can sign up to work as tour guides. Though I wasn’t heavily involved in the research, I provided insight into the functionality and its social media aspect. I wireframed and prototyped screens, made flowcharts, and designed the interfaces on Sketch and Photoshop.

Adventure Xplore
Let's Get You Home


This is a real estate mobile application project (freelance). I was responsible for wire framing, flows and interface design. Development is still going.

Incase Health

Don't Put Your Health On Chance

Freelance work for a new health insurance provider. I was involved in researching, wire framing, flow charts and screen designs. More info coming soon!

Keep Track Of Your Finances


This is also freelance work. I did the wireframes, flowcharts, prototypes and designs.